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How can I request an application?
You can visit us at 3641 East Cork Street in Kalamazoo or visit our Applications tab to request a PDF file be sent to you via email.

What documents do I need to turn in with my application?
We require that you return the completed application with a copy of your diploma, your high school transcripts, and the $20 application fee. It is optional for you to turn in college transcripts and it is not necessary for you to turn in a resume, but you may do so if you’d like to.

When do you accept applications?
All year - however you must have it turned in by our deadline to be considered for our fall class.

How many classes are selected each year?
One class is selected per year. They are typically selected around June. The size of the class depends on the demand for workers.

When is my application due?
Our cutoff date  for applications is April 30th. All applications turned in after our deadline will go towards the following years' Fall Class.


What is the aptitude test?
This is a test that will cover Basic Algebra  and Functions as well as Reading Comprehension. This test helps us select the best candidates for our apprenticeship.

How can I schedule to take the aptitude test?
You must complete the application process and meet out requirements to take our aptitude test. This requires that you fill out the application, turn in high school transcripts, and pay the testing fee. Someone in the office can help you with scheduling to take this test.

What score must I receive on the Aptitude Test?
You must score a 5 or higher on our Aptitude Test (on a scale of 0-9). A score of a 5 or higher will qualify you for an interview with our Apprenticeship Committee.

What’s next? When will I know how I did?
We hope to have a letter to you within a week of your testing date.
After you take the exam, you will receive one of two letters in the mail:
- an interview date and time
- your testing results… this means you did not score our minimum score and you will not be scheduled for an interview with our committee

I scored below the minimum. When can I retake the test?
You can reschedule to take the aptitude test in 6 months. Attempts to retake the aptitude test before the 6-month period is over may result is permanent disqualification from the apprenticeship.

How long are these test results good for?
These test results are good for 2 years! Both here and at other JATC locations.

When and where do these tests take place?
We try to schedule at least two weeks in advance. We understand many of our applicants have jobs and require notice to plan for our tests. Most sessions take place in the morning and the testing session lasts approximately 2 ½ hours.



I received my letter with my interview date and time. What do I do next?
Please read the letter. Either mail, email, fax, or turn in the completed slip on the bottom of the sheet.
I would like to confirm my records match the letter you were sent and then you will be sent a list of interview questions.

I interviewed with the committee. What is the next step in the process?
That is it. You should receive a letter in the mail with an interview score. You are place on our eligibility list based on this score. How is this score calculated? Each committee member scores you based on your interview answers and these scores are averaged. The average score is the score that you are given.

How are apprentices selected?
We select from the top of our eligibility list once, every year!

How long do I stay on the eligibility list?
Two years from the date of your interview.

I didn’t score as well as I would have liked to on my interview. Am I able to re-interview?
Yes. Your application is good for two years. You can attempt to qualify for a re-interview after one year by either: taking (and passing) two trade related classes OR gaining 500 hours of construction experience! You must fill out a form provided to you, by the apprenticeship office. You must also provide proof of either the trade related classes or work experience. You must reach out to office staff if this is something that you would like to do.







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