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 Applications for     
FALL 2023 are OPEN
It is the responsibility of all applicants to read this page thoroughly.
The Kalamazoo ETA is accepting applications toward Fall 2023.



  • Must be a minimum of 17 years old to apply and 18 years old when you begin your apprenticeship

  • $20 application fee is due at the time of turning in your application
    Cash, Check, or Money Order is accepted. 

  • High School Diploma or GED

  • Official High School Transcript (Yes it MUST be a high school transcript (a college transcript is optional & all applicants are required to turn high school transcripts in.)

  • Must have a passing grade of a “C” or higher in Algebra
    (If you did not meet this requirement in high school, we will accept a college credit for this requirement. A transcript is required for proof. If you met this requirement in college, we still need your high school transcript as well. 

  • Must be willing to drug test for employment

  • Desire to work in all weather conditions

  • Internet access (required for some homework)

Applicants who meet the Basic Requirements listed above will be scheduled by the Kalamazoo ETA to take an Aptitude Test.
The content of this test includes: Algebra & Functions (Part 1) and Reading Comprehension (Part 2). Applicants who receive a passing score on this test will be scheduled for an Interview with our Committee. If you receive lower than a 5 of the Aptitude Test, you may take this test again at least 6 months later. 

After completing the application process, you could expect several months to pass before the actual class selection has been made. Our fall apprenticeship class will be selected around: June of 2023.    You will receive notice via phone call or email about selection. It is the applicants responsibility to notify the JATC of any change of address or contact information. To start the application process for Fall 2023, complete the Application Request Form.


Request Application Here

Your request has been sent. Applications are sent Monday-Friday 8AM-4:30PM

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